14 comments on “Touching Story: 12,000 prisoners donate food to flood victims

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  2. If given the chance, a lot of kind-hearted Filipinos in that place would go out and help those in distress. No Filipino will just stand on the sideline and watch others suffer and die in this kind of disaster. Most of these catastrophes are unifying us and,even, creating a change of hearts from among the hardened ones. Let’s continue praying for the victims and their loved ones and those who starved to feed the hungry victims in the devastated areas as well. May God bless you and grant you shorter days inside so you can share more love and hope to our suffering “kababayans.” We will continue praying for YOU. Art Div in Fremont.–

  3. A man may well be condemned, not for doing something, but for doing nothing.
    ~ William Barclay

    Only proves we have goodness in all of us.

  4. Yes, this is so touching. I wonder why they are in prison? Baka dahil sa kawalan ng pag-asa ay napilitan na gumawa ng masama para hindi magutom ang pamilya at baka walang “koneksyon” sa mga pulitikong “dimonyo”. Gising Bayan!. Any action for a Better Philippines is never too late!

  5. Touching! Calling on our politicians! If prisoners can think of donating their food, please, please, don’t find ways to channel any of the donations into your own pockets. Have mercy! As you can see, they will all come to light. Take Napoles’ example. You will be found, by the whole country, by the world. For once, do some service without pilfering any.

  6. As catastrophic things are getting in the islands and the need for financial ways to give a helping hand, we hope not the greedy government takes first hand in helping themselves. We pray that the devil does not take priority in their hearts….please help our people in dire need, please take the effort in personally handing out service both physically and monetarily to your people that help put you in your seat in the government. All government officials must be there helping and work as you’re paid. All government employees must help too. Prayers…prayers…prayers for the unknown has come to the path of our people , our cities, our towns, cur communities and our islands. This world have changed not for the better but to test our inner selves….faith is the true strength!

  7. mabuti pa un mga preso kahit walang pera at gipit din sa pag kain nagawa pa nilang mag donate at maliit man un tulong nila marame rin un nakinabang at natulongan nila saludo kami sa inyo,

  8. This is an old news already, is not it? Look at the date it was posted – August of last year. Anyway, kudos to the inmates. 😀

  9. This is an old news already, is not it? Look at the date it was posted – August of last year. Anyway, kudos to the inmates. 😀

  10. But why Metro Manila though? There aren’t any victims here, maybe only enough that I could count with my fingers.

    Nonetheless, a very inspiring act of kindness and selflessness. Bravo.

  11. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the overwhelming response to my blog post. I would like to clarify that this article was written last year when a typhoon devastated Metro Manila and surrounding regions.

    But still, salute to our inmates. They did it once. I know they can do it again but this time to help our fellow Filipinos who are victims of the recent calamities.

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